Supplies A leading supplier for all gymnastics requirements, PG Foam is able to offer a bespoke service for all foam and matting requirements. All our items are made to order and we can not only provide standard sizes but also any size/shape required, enabling us to offer you the personal service your club deserves. PG Foam also provide an extensive gym kit-out service, we are able to look after the design, build and fit of your gym, construction of new foam pits, as well as specialising in renovation foam pits.



All our products are hand made to order, to the highest possible standards. Find out more about our product specifications below.



Dark Blue
Ice Blue
Sky Blue
Dark Green
Mid Green
Light Green
Lime Green
Fuchsia Pink
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Light Orange
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As all of our mats are made to order, along with the standard handles, anti-slip base, zip opening and flame retardant foam, you also have a choice of cover.

The covers we manufacture are an anti-rip high tenacity polymer with PVC on both sides, and are available in a full range of 21 colours, more than any other UK supplier.



Foam Blocks

We use a range of foams where the density and hardness are carefully selected to meet the requirements of each mat. So for safety and landing we can provide between 27 kg/m3 and 84 kg/m3 for whichever size of mat you need!

All foams are graded for performance (BS 3379:2003), and the only choice for our high quality mats come from the average to very severe grade providing the best solution for your foam requirements. Using tried and tested methods to manufacture our products we ensure compliance with strict flame retardancy standards fit for their purpose and lasting durability.



Mat handles

All our handles are made from a hard wearing seatbelt-like nylon material that is sure to neither rip or become detached from the mat. They are then lined with a hessian layer to prevent the handles from damaging your hands when moving the mats.

Mat handles

Anti-slip base

Anti-Slip base

Our made to order mats incorporate an anti-slip base composed of a unique material which, even after high usage, retains its grip. Combined with the heavyweight threads used in the production of our mats and you get durability which cannot be compared.

“One of the only mats on the market that really doesn’t slip!”




The zips used in our mats and blocks are as durbale as they come, made from high grade nylon and plastic making them virtually impossible to rip or get jammed.